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Our work would not be possible without the support of friends like you. Rest assured that every contribution is utilized to bring the maximum benefit to the most vulnerable.



Our Uganda Shoppe


We Welcome Donations
of All Kinds!

On her trip to Chicago,
Sarah Ndagire accepts a
donation of canes and walkers
from supporter Samson Wong. These items will be used by our older persons in Uganda
to help them achieve mobility and independence.



Material Donations

Donations are solicited for a wide variety of items that are distributed to our clients. Here are some examples of the kinds of items we welcome:


Dried, canned, or preserved foods
Dietary staples
Children and adults
Household items
Canes and Wheelchairs
Children's books
Bibles/prayer books
School supplies


Donations of Time

We frequently work with religious and academic organizations to provide an "immersion" experience helping the most vulnerable individuals in Uganda: the elderly and orphaned children. Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a hands-on experience for your group.


Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions in any amount are gratefully accepted. Here are some examples of what can be achieved through your generosity:

$500 - Christmas party or graduation party for all participants
$250 - One month of offering health resources for all participants
$100 - One month of visitation to the elderly
$50 - School fees for one primary school child for one year, including uniform, school lunch, books
$25 - Scholastic materials for 5 children (books, pens, paper, files)

Truly, any contribution will be so amazingly helpful to our organization!


A disabled older person
receives a gift of a bible

Primary school children at home.
Friends of older persons.



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