The world community is beginning to understand the impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and the people served by Gaita Kukibi are no exception to the devastation.

The impact of HIV/AIDS on older people remains under-reported, and has not been properly addressed. HIV/AIDS affects older people in two main ways: it places a burden on them as carriers, and it poses a direct infection risk. The core areas where GWEN is trying to support older people and widows are:

  • Strengthening their role as carers for people living with AIDS, and for orphans and vulnerable children through counseling, home visitation and donations.

  • Disseminating information on the risk of HIV/AIDS, so that they can protect themselves and others against infection.

  • Emotional support to help older people deal with the stigma and discrimination that result from having a child or grandchild with HIV/AIDS.

  • Psychosocial coping mechanisms to deal with stress, illness and grief.

  • Treatment and support for older people and widows with HIV/AIDS.


Home visitations provide an
opportunity for personal discussions.

Honest and informative discussion is encouraged.
Large and small meetings bring communities together.

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